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        Air Freight

        air transport service by taking Shenzhen (SZX), Guangzhou (CAN), Hong Kong (HKG), Shanghai (PVG) and Beijing (PEK) as port of shipment and cooperate with more than ten airline companies including the following ones, so as to provide better air transport solutions for the customers:

        CZ China Southern Airlines)

        CA (Air China)

        BR (EVA Airways)

        UPS (United Parcel Service)

        HU (Hainan Airlines)

        AY (Finnair)

        SQ (Singapore airline)

        EK (Emirates aircargo)

        EY (Etihad Crystal Cargo)

        LA (South American Airways (originally known as LAN Airlines)

        QF (Qantas Airways)

        TK (Turkish Airlines)

        SV (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

        TG (Thai Airways)

        FD (Thai AirAsia)

        To adapt to the long-term development of the company and the requirements of various customer service groups to modern air transport service, Sinoall has developed several advantageous special airlines together with other airline companies, with obvious price advantages, which guarantees shipping space significantly and makes the cargo transport safer and more convenient.




        1. Common cargo contains battery cargos:

        The cargos with lithium battery must comply with test identification of UN38.3 (effective on that year) while the model in the detection report and that on

        the physical object must be consistent. Only UN38.3 and 1.2m dropping report is recognized in Guangzhou while other MSDS is not.

        2. As for liquid, particle, powder and other substances, chemicals and chemical substances which are difficult to be distinguished, the identification report

        by China Analysis and Measuring Center must be provided; 

        3. Dimension measurement: as for the dimension calculation of the tray cargo, the tray dimension shall be included in calculation.

        4. As for the tray cargo or the ones added with sleeper or base plate in the airport due to overweight, the airline company will calculate the weight of tray

        and sleeper (base plate) in the weight of cargo, which must be noticed.


        Customs clearance for export in Guangzhou:

        If the clients has declaration documents or the documents beyond Guangzhou area:

        1. They need to note verification sheet and data to Guangzhou Customs with customs No. 5100

        2. They can deal with commodity inspection; hints:

        ①. to send the data of commodity inspection sheet to Guangzhou Airport Bureau

        ②. The port of export shall be noted as Guangzhou Airport

        ③. The way of transport shall be noted as air transportation

        The followings are the cargos in need of commodity inspection:

        Wooden furniture, table, stool, cupboard, clothes, shoes, lamps, furniture, toys, bamboo/rattan products, machinery, plastic products, electric home

        appliance and daily household porcelain



        II. Attention for air transportation

        Requirements on cargo weight and dimension of air transportation

        Pallet dimension of passenger/cargo airplane

        122*88*64(inch)   CM/inch=1:2.54

        Pallet dimension of cargo airplane


        The restraint dimension of Sinoall is: 305*210*160/230CM

        Dimension of LD3 box

        150*150*160CM, the general aviation box is LD3 box. The weight requirements of each aviation box differ one after another.

        Cargo weight and billing weight of airline company

        Generally speaking, the airline company has 45KG billing and 100KG billing. As for the cargo lower than 5KG, the airline company has its price announced. As

        for the flight for sheet, we can charge according to 45KG if it does not reach such weight. However, as for the flights for bulk cargo, the airline company

        will charge based on the price of 45KG unless that the weight has reached 36KG; otherwise, the announced price will be charged.



         III. Air transportation of hazardous articles

        It refers to the article or substance which may be hazardous to health, safety, property or environment in air transportation. ICAO divided the hazardous

        articles into the following nine kinds:

        Category I: explosives

        Category II: gases

        Category III: flammable liquids

        Category IV: flammable solids

        Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion

        Substances which, incontact with Water, Emit Flammable Gases

        Category V: oxidizing substances and organic peroxides

        Category VI: toxic and infectious substances

        Category VII: radioactive materials

        Category VIII: corrosive substances

        Category IX: miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles



        IV. Hazardous articles prohibited for air transportation

        Explosives which can combust spontaneously or decompose under 75° for 48hours;

        Explosives containing both chlorate and ammonium salt;

        Explosives containing the mixture of chlorate and phosphorus;

        Solid explosives being sensitive to mechanical vibration;

        Any articles easily produce dangerous heat or gas under normal conditions of air transportation ;

        Test proves that the explosive combustible solids and organic peroxide shall be made with explosive label for every seven packages according to the

        requirements of hazardous article deviants procedures, in order to serve as the combustible solids and organic peroxide with secondary hazardous labels.


        V. Claim treatment of cargo for air transportation

        Insurance claim procedure for cargo of air transportation: in case cargos become dangerous, the cargo with insurance shall be compensated according to the

        insurance regulations. Those without insurance will be compensated according to 30RMB/KG.

        [Insurance claim]: insurance claim procedure for cargo of air transportation:

        In case cargos become dangerous, the following documents shall be provided: original shipping list (original shipping list), insurance sheet (original),

        damage and loss certificate by airline company, evidence and picture of loss and damage issued by the local insurance company, original box list and invoice

        1.  The insured: the full name of the company of the insured shall be filled in detail

        2. Mark: fill in it in detail if it has mark

        3.  Package and quantity: fill in the package variety and quantity in detail in this column. Inform in advance if damage happens. Package according to the

        requirements of the insurance company

        4.  Items of insured cargos: please fill in the Chinese and English name of cargo in this column. Fill in other special or additional name if available

        5. Insurance amount (%): in RMB

        6. Means of transport: filled in with by air, by sea or by car (fill in the ship name and date in English if it is marine shipment)

        7.  Subject to the date of departure

        8.  Number of bill of lading: the authentic bill No.

        9.  Address for claim payment: detailed address

         10. FROM: detailed address

         11. TO: detailed address

         12.  Risks to be covered: mark here for any insurance

         13.  Signature and stamp of insurance applicant: the one who fills the sheet

        air cargo tracking
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